About Us

Oils and incenses

Join us in our quest for the best natural Palo Santo products! We want to share them with you and connect you to other cultures and their traditional wisdom.

We are adventurous researchers, we are wisdom seekers and parents, we are www.palosantoshop.com!

At Palo Santo Shop, we believe that Palo Santo is sacred. It is this core value that helps us to guarantee highest purity and quality for our products.


Because we live in Ecuador ourselves, we guarantee that the Palo Santo products are ethically grown and sustainably harvested.

Because we play an active role in the community we guarantee that we share with and support the local people who participate in the process.

Because we ship from The Netherlands, Europe we guarantee to provide professional shipping, discreet packaging and the best customer service.

Because we love what we’re doing, we guarantee to share this love. At your service!

Traditional Wisdom

Through our projects we support and work closely with small families who depend on natural resources for their own consumption and to make a living. They also want to share their traditional wisdom, health care and practices for building resistance.

Our team in Ecuador

Wouter and Laura; founders of Palo Santo Shop. Parents of two lovely sons. Adventurous researchers, wisdom seekers, bridge builders, visionaries.
Gladis, Evelin, Claudio and Freddy; craftsmen and women who help us plant, nurture, harvest and process the plants.

Our team in Newark, Delaware

Timothy is our director and representative in the USA. He works closely together with Laura and Wouter and our great legal and financial guys at Rocket Lawyers and Stripe Atlas. If you ever need to call us mail us or visit us please feel free to pass by and call us at our office: (302) 261 5732